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Growing up in Ireland each and every night Emma-Jane’s Mammy and Daddy told her “a story about Johnny Magory”. These ‘made-up’ tales were usually derived from whatever sort of harm and devilment EJ had got up to that day and she couldn’t wait for bedtime for her mother to read a book and her father to tell her a story about what Johnny had done too!

Based on the old Irish rhyme “I’ll tell you a story about Johnny McGory. WIll I begin it? That’s all that’s in it!”, her father’s storytelling ensured EJ and her siblings went to sleep excited about their next “adventure” in the morning. And it was this excitement that flowed EJ into writing the stories of Johnny Magory and many, many more. 


Johnny Magory is one of Ireland’s only children’s books that comes to life with their own app for iPhone and android. See the pages come to life and bloom into the real world. Watch your child’s imagination grow as they see old and new ways of writing transformed. Visit our APP PAGE to see how its done.

What you are saying?

My own children are loving this book, but I also used it as a big part of my preschool class lesson on the bog! ❤️

Ellen McHugh on CusRev

Wonderful book, my daughter loves it! Really great introduction to Irish legends and I found it really good for opening up a discussion on provinces and counties!

Hoa on CusRev

This is a beautiful, easy story to read to smallies. I particularly liked the last page that listed all the animals. It is a very educational book along with being immemse fun too.

Mary McCarthy on CusRev



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