Home of Johnny McGory!


“I’ll tell you a story about Johnny McGory…

Will I Begin it?

That’s all that’s in it!”


Welcome to the official home of all things Johnny Magory. 

Johnny Magory is the Irish children’s brand based on the old Irish rhyme “I’ll tell you a story about Johnny McGory”.  

Johnny Magory’s aim is to educate children on Irish heritage and wildlife.

Johnny Magory’s purpose is to get them outside exploring connecting with nature.  

Our purpose and vision are delivered through a rhyming children’s book series “The Adventures of Johnny Magory”, interactive ‘Outdoor Explorer Guides’ and a rigorous schedule of events throughout Ireland in 2019.  

Our stories are Original Irish Adventure stories.

 We can guarantee there’s more to our books than the old poem!

“I’ll tell you a story about Johnny McGory!”


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