Self-Publishing 1 Hour Coaching Session For Adults


So I'm sure a lot of you have thought about self-publishing your own book but just don't know where to start.

Firstly I recommend you read my blog here on how to self publish. Here I've developed a step-by-step process on how to self-publish including links to resources and pages.

Self-Publishing One Hour Coaching Session

But if you've still got questions, I'm thrilled to offer you a one-to-one Zoom call where I can personally guide you from where you are today.

Emma-Jane Leeson Self Publishing Children's Books

Self-Publishing - You Can Do It!

Having now successfully self-published 5 different books, and republished nearly 10 updated editions, I've come to know the landscape of the industry in Ireland.

I've made the mistakes and shed the tears, hopefully I can mitigate against the same happening to you.

I can offer you pointers, insights and tips to help you on the journey to self-publishing your very own book.

Children's books are my forte however the process can be applied to all genres. It's really quite simple but sometimes all you need is a steer and a second pair of eyes.


Who's it suitable for?

This session is suitable for those at the very beginning of their journey and only thinking about it, to those who have their manuscript complete and are ready to move forward. It could make an ideal gift for the budding author in your life who simply needs that extra push.


Emma-Jane Leeson Johnny Magory Self Publishing


How will it work?

On purchasing the One Hour Coaching Call, I will personally be in touch with you withing 24 hours (please allow extra on weekends) to book in a time suitable for us both.

I will then send on a secure Zoom meeting link and that's it!

We'll be discussing the next bestseller in no time!


Looking forward to it.



“You can make anything by writing”. C.S. Lewis


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