The creation of Johnny Magory.


The birth of her first daughter Lily-Marie inspired her to jot down a few of her daddy’s stories on one of the many sleepless nights! 12 years after that, her mother encouraged her to ‘do something with the stories’ as it was approaching her 30th birthday. With no aspirations for becoming an author, Emma-Jane self-published her first story ‘Johnny Magory in the Magical Wild’ purely for family and friends, whilst working full time in Bord na Móna. The team in her office told her they also knew the ‘story about Johnny McGory’ from their childhood… Much to EJ’s shock as her father had her and her siblings convinced that he himself had invented the rhyme!

The buzz of creating her first book had EJ hooked and she continued to self-publish more adventures whilst working full time in some of Ireland’s biggest corporates as the popularity and word about the books organically grew and spread.

She eventually left her HR career in the corporate world to pursue her passion full time in April 2019. Johnny Magory Business was established as an independent publishing house and has gone from strength to strength.

Emma-Jane has since held Writing and Reading Residencies with the Irish Library’s and become an Irish Times Best Selling Author with her book ‘I am Brigid‘. EJ was also commissioned by Creative Ireland and the Kildare Library services to write a fully inclusive book ‘Johnny Magory and the Mystery of the Missing Puppies’ which is available for free in every library in Ireland. 

From the moment EJ scribbled down her first story about Johnny Magory way back in 2004, she envisioned a TV animation series and making Johnny the Irish Dora the Explorer. In March 2021, Screen Ireland awarded the business development funding to begin making that dream a reality. EJ and the team are working with Elk Studios in Dundalk, Co. Louth on bringing Johnny Magory to TV screens across the globe.

Our Purpose, Vision and Values

Purpose: To inspire parents and children to connect with nature.

Vision: To educate children globally on Irish heritage, wildlife and culture.


  • Adventure – be curious and explore anytime, anyplace.
  • Education – use every opportunity to learn and teach.
  • Family – the single most important relationship, always look for ways to
  • bring families closer.
  • Fun – do what you enjoy and bring fun into everything you do.

Johnny Magory Business is evolving from simply an internationally recognised publishing house to becoming a brand for all things children, outdoors, exploring and Irish heritage, wildlife and culture.