Winning Business Woman Of the Year 2021

There aren’t many times in my life that I’m truly lost for words but when my name was called at the Theatre Royal in Waterford City on Friday 8th October, that was certainly one of them. I won the Network Ireland Business Woman of the Year 2021, Creative Professional category.

Network Ireland Business Woman of the Year 2021 Emma-Jane Leeson Johnny Magory


It was just incredible to be at an ‘actual’ event on Friday 8th October. To be dressed for a bit of glitz and glam was really fantastic. But the cherry on the cake was the opportunity to spend time with truly amazing women that have inspired me in the past and continue to inspire me today. I arrived at the Theatre Royal in wonderful Waterford at 9 am and shuffled across the road from the car park in heels my body is no longer accustomed to walking in! (There was a lot of internal talk along the way with a ‘suck it up’ attitude!)

The warm welcome was tangible as the chit chats began. It was really a sign of the times when you were chatting away to women you would class as good friends when in fact it was the first time you’ve met face-to-face. How Zoom has changed the world!

Network Ireland Business Woman of the Year 2021 Emma-Jane Leeson Johnny Magory

Guest Speakers

Other than actually being in the presence of other entrepreneurs and businesswomen, the guest speakers were truly an outstanding part of the day. From seasoned angel investors explaining their secret world to food business owners laughing about their trials to harrowing stories of families helped by Focus Ireland. It was really something. The most standout guest speaker for me though was a lady called Eímear Noone, an award-winning Composer and Conductor. She really blew me away listening to her modest tale of moving from a small Irish village to conquering the Oscars in LA. My biggest regret it not having the words to ask her to do the score for our TV series when I accepted my award!! Talk about missing my moment LOL!

Network Ireland Business Woman of the Year 2021 Emma-Jane Leeson Johnny Magory

Go Team Kildare

Us Team Kildarer’s were seated together in the theatre flagged by our super president Laura Maher and future national president Emma Murphy. We seemed to be cheering endlessly throughout the categories! The final winners for Kildare were:

  • Erica Hargaden Hargadden of Babogue, Winner of the Emerging New Business Category
  • Niamh Mullins of Empowered Health Solutions – Niamh Mullins received a ‘Highly Recommended’ Award in the Solo Business Woman Category
  • Joann Mahon Mahon of received a ‘Highly Recommended’ award in the Established Business Category
  • Emma – Jane Leeson – Jane Leeson of Johnny Magory Books, Winner of the Creative Professional Category

Network Ireland Business Woman of the Year 2021 Emma-Jane Leeson Johnny Magory

Thank you’s

There’s a lot of people I need to thank, considering I got up on the stage to accept my award and never mentioned a single being (shock will do that to ya!)

Firstly my amazing team, Amanda and Melanie, without whom there’d be no day-to-day running of the business.

Secondly, my amazing family, without whom there would be no business!

Thirdly, my amazing friends, who put up with me non-stop talking about the business!

Fourtly, the team at Network Ireland Kildare who’ve encouraged me and supported me since I walked into my first networking event back in January 2019.

Fifthly, all of the incredible support I’ve received from leaders and members of the following organisations throughout the years: Kildare LEO, Enterprise Ireland, ACORNS, DCU Female High Fliers Academy and the DCCOI.

And finally, and possibly most importantly, my supporters and customers without whom NONE OF THIS would happen. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time over the years to send a message or drop a few words into a chat saying they love the books. All of these little words really have built up to something huge. There have been days when I’ve wanted to walk away, forget all about the boy, his sister and their dog but then someone will mention something small… And the smile will sit firmly back on my face.

So, as they say, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I am truly honored.

#backedbyAIB #NetworkIreland

Network Ireland Business Woman of the Year 2021 Emma-Jane Leeson Johnny Magory

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