We received a call from RTÉ last Tuesday to tell us our new book “Johnny Magory and the Forest Fleadh Cheoil” had made it past some 450 other toys and was selected to appear on last nights Late Late Toy Show.

Toy Show Tears of Joy

Needless-to-say, there were tears of joy during and following the phone call! We were told it was sent to a Toy Tester and that Ryan and the Production Team loved the book.

It was scheduled to be reviewed by the child but we were informed that as it was live TV and with children; they couldn’t guarantee 100% that it would be reviewed as anything can happen on the night.

Tom Cullen Late Late Toy Show

Tom and Nanny Pat

So when the smiling Tom Cullen from Carrick-an-Shannon came onto our screens with this beautiful knitted jumper and suitcase, we had no idea that Johnny Magory was sitting snuggly inside.

When he opened it and gave Ryan his own beautiful knitted jumper, there sat our book! My husband spotted it first and, take my word for it, we all started screaming! The five year old didn’t know what to make of it all!

Tom Toy Show Johnny Magory Ryan Tubridy

Sean-Nós Dancing and a hug

Tom then proceeded to treating us to some sean-nós dancing and then giving his adored Nanny Pat a hug.

Clearly time was not on Ryan’s side at that point so we didn’t get the coveted plug but do you now what, we don’t really mind.

That lovely young man was a joy to watch and we’re just thrilled beyond thrilled at the idea of him and his Nanny Pat sharing some quality time together and reading our book.


Well done Tom and Nanny Pat, you warmed the hearts of the nation.


Lovely Leitrim

Johnny Magory is a lucky Duck. He is off on hols and we wish him luck.
Cabbage, Bacon and Yummy Boxty. Delicious Apple Pie baked fresh for Tea.
My eyes opened wide as I picked the postcard off the mat. Looking at the smiley faces of Johnny, Tom and Nanny Pat.
But Johnny was BOLD and hadn’t told me! Luckily I had spotted him on RTE.
He’ll be home shortly from Leitrim and I cant wait to see; the lovely Jumpers Nanny Pat knitted for Johnny and Me.

A lovely poem written by Elizabeth Quirke.

Toy Show 2018 Books

Toy Show #2

This is our second year in a row appearing on the show which is now firmly a favourite part of modern Irish heritage. Last year in 2018, our hardback The Johnny Magory Collection was on the set.



Quality Time with the Forest Fleadh Cheoil

Carve out your own quality time with a book here. Johnny Magory and the Forest Fleadh Cheoil is a collaboration between Emma-Jane Leeson and Don Conroy.

Johnny Magory, his trusty dog Ruairi and his sister Lily-May have a magical adventure in a woodland setting with all their Irish animal friends.

They can’t believe their good luck when they learn the animals are having a Fleadh Cheoil (music competition) that day and join in the fun and frolics.

Johnny climbs the giant oak tree to sit beside the judge, Layla Barn Owl, but then realises he can’t get down.

Can Lily-May and Ruairi save the day?


Inspired by the astounding beauty of the trees and trails at Donadea Forest Park, Co. Kildare.

Johnny Magory and the Forest Fleadh Cheoil


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