Johnny Magory - Stoat

Stoat – Easóg

The cheeky stoat that features in the latest book is a native Irish species and is commonly mistaken for a weasel. They typically have a lifespan 4 – 6 years in the wild. The typical size of an adult male is 19 – 32 cm and an adult female is 17 – 27 cm.

Their diet consists of rabbits, shrews, rodents, birds, invertebrates and fish. They can make several noises, including hissing and chattering when agitated. The Irish stoat is predated by foxes, dogs, and martens, and is probably also taken by birds of prey such as owls and eagles.

The Irish stoat is protected under the Wildlife Act (1976) and Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000. You can see this beautiful character in our Farmyard Féasta book by clicking here