Johnny Magory - Starlings

Starlings – Druid

The Starlings or Druid as gaeilge, have been really grabbing my attention lately. That photo from Lough Ennell last week certainly grabbed attention worldwide. At first glance starlings look somewhat dull and drab however on closer inspection they can have bright cream speckles (in winter) plus a wonderfully iridescent plumage.

They often congregate in large numbers and can be quite noisy and raucous. A flock of starlings is called a murmuration and in winter these gatherings can number in excess of one million individuals. A starling’s long bill is yellow and the base is pink in females and blue in males.

Call: Excellent mimics. But typically issues a series of clicks, whistles & squeaks. Habitat: Forest, farmland, woodland, urban Diet: Insects, especially crane fly larvae, also fruit and seeds. Nesting: April-May Breeding Age: From 2 years Number of Eggs: 4-5 No. of Clutches: 1 or 2 Lifespan: 5 years. Oldest recorded at 17 years 8 months Conservation Status in Ireland: AMBER You can see this beautiful character in our Farmyard Féasta book by clicking here