Press Release: Wednesday 17th February 2021.

Prosperous woman Emma-Jane Leeson has released her first 2 watercolour prints for sale, entitled ‘Iora Corcra’ and ‘Giorria Gorm’. The vibrant watercolours of wildlife were created during the lockdown in 2020 and feature the tongue in cheek sayings “You wouldn’t believe me ‘if’ I told you”, and “Would you get away out of that.”

“The hare or giorria, is my favourite native Irish animal. I love all the old stories about them being shape shifters and all the other mythology that surrounds them,” says Emma-Jane. “The red squirrel (iora rua) is another favourite and was inspired by the pair that visit the oak tree in our garden regularly.”

Emma-Jane is better known as the author behind the award-winning Johnny Magory children’s books series which are written to help educate children on Irish wildlife and heritage, two of her passions.

“Lockdown proved to be an extremely creative period for me being forced to get off the roads and stay at home like everyone else. Along with the paintings, I’ve written a further 3 books. A new Johnny Magory one, my first children’s novel and a rhyming book about tomboys.”

The framed prints are available from for €45. The images are also available on multi-use greeting cards with the phrase “Imagine that.”


Shop ‘Iora Corcra’ here

Shop ‘Giorria Gorm’ here


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