Did you ever wonder about the phrase “Giving as good as you get?” CMRF Crumlin is very close to our hearts.

The feeling you get from giving is indescribable. It makes receiving much better when you know you’ve given as much as you’ve got. This also ties in nicely to the phrase “being grateful for what you’ve got“.  (Click here to read a previous blog post about this )

Giving Back

Since I published “The Adventures of Johnny Magory” books, I’ve tried to give to and support charities, organisations and individuals when I’ve been asked. I’ve happily donated books to raffles and participated where I can (reading children’s books is not for all audiences!). I’ve supported causes such as Childline, Clane Festival, The Irish Cancer Society, SVP, numerous schools and libraries and so on.

I’ve had a lingering feeling of late though that I need to do more.

Lightbulb Moment

My youngest daughter was born with a cleft lip. It only occurred to me as I prepared to visit the superheroes in Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, Crumlin, Dublin, for a check up recently that there’s so much more I could do to help this amazing place that I have such personal links to, not just from Layla. I myself spent a big chunk of my early years in “Crumb The Bin”, as I apparently called it! The two older kids have done short stints up and down throughout the years. Crumlin have also nursed and repaired countless little people belonging to my family and friends.

So on Wednesday 6th December 2017 we visited for our checkup with Dr Orr and his team in the Cleft department. I also met with the lovely Sarah Joyce, Head of Corporate Partnership CMRF (Crumlin Medical Research Fund, the official charity for the hospital). Click here to find out more about Layla’s story



Great Giving News Alert

I am so absolutely thrilled to announce that from January 1st 2018, Johnny Magory Books will be official partners with CMRF. 2% from every book sold will be donated to this wonderful cause. There will also be an additional option to donate a further €1 on every purchase on the online store .

More so, I plan to visit the little hero’s in Crumlin once a quarter to read some stories and have some fun (I can’t wait!)

Hands up I’m not going to be able to make the millions that Crumlin need (yet!). I’m a true believer in every little helps and every adventure requires a first step, so onwards and upwards we’ll go!

Johnny Magory CMRF Crumlin

More Ways to Help

I’m going to hold some additional fundraisers throughout the year such as adventure walks, creative writing workshops etc. Stay tuned for more in this space and hopefully I’ll see you face to face soon.

Johnny Magory CMRF Crumlin

The Work of CMRF (Directly from www.CMRF.org)

When a child you love is sick, your top priority is finding the best care available. It’s ours too. CMRF Crumlin together with donors and partners fund initiatives, research, equipment and projects with three main aims:

  • Saving young lives by funding critical research and equipment.

  • Supporting small victories everyday for children living with illness by improving their quality of life.

  • Creating brighter days for sick children and their families by funding comforts through our Giggle Fund and enhancing their environment

Thank you

In the run up to Christmas we’re very much in giving mode which is amazing. Just remember to not take giving as a given.

Try your best to support charities, organisations and individuals near and dear to your heart this Christmas. It’ll be better than socks and soaps for everyone involved trust me!

Thank you for all the support and love through 2017. Wishing you and yours the very best of everything this Christmas. Here’s to 2018.


P.S Comment below and let me know who your supporting this Christmas. You may inspire others 💝


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