Lowtown Grand Canal

Four weeks in; still on track?

Can you still remember your 2019 commitments?

It’s hard to believe we’re about to start the fourth week of 2019 already yet Christmas and New Year already feel so long ago!

Some psychologists reckon it takes 21 days to make or break a habit so for a lot of people tomorrow, the 21st January, may be D day!

With this in mind I had scheduled this weeks post to be a recap on my commitments for 2019 to check in and measure how I’m getting on.

Yes; I actually sat down and planned an entire years worth of blog posts in advance – a rare moment of extreme organisation and planning has really paid off!!

Emma-Jane Leeson Johnny Magory Author Writing
Planning really does pay off!


Recap on the what, why and how I’m doing what I’m doing:

Click here to check out the reason’s behind the below purpose, vision and values and also my commitments but otherwise, here’s a whistle-stop tour!

Purpose: My purpose quite simply, is to get children outside exploring.

Vision: To educate and instil a sense of pride and passion in young children about Irish wildlife, heritage and culture.


  • Adventure – be curious and explore anytime, anyplace.
  • Education – use every opportunity to learn and teach.
  • Family – the single most important relationship, always look for ways to bring families closer.
  • Fun – do what you enjoy and bring fun into everything you do.

Recap on my commitments:

I publicly (in another moment of madness!) committed to three measurable actions for 2019:

  1. Four Johnny Magory Adventure Days, one in each season, to simply fulfill my purpose and actually get some kids outside exploring!
  2. Two new publications in 2019.
  3. One book reading per month (at least) in a school, library, creche etc. 

So how am I measuring up? 

Adventure Day Announcement!

Well I’m absolutely thrilled to announce our fist Johnny Magory Adventure Day of 2019 which will be held on Saturday 2nd March at the Lowtown Marina, Roberstown, Co. Kildare. As I’m sure you are aware, I’m a big fan of the canal and adore the biodiversity around it. So where better than the place that inspired ‘Johnny Magory and the Wild Water Race‘!

Click here to get tickets now for you and any Little Explorer’s in your life, to get outdoors and witness all the beauty Spring has to offer.

Lowtown Grand Canal
Johnny Magory Adventure Day at the Grand Canal


New Publications

I’m just finishing my own drafts of my new Johnny Magory book and aim to have it across to the brilliant Aoife Barrett soon for  editing. This book will be out in time for Christmas.

I’m also working on an exciting publication which I am on target to complete by end of February so watch this space!

Johnny Magory Mammy
Mum’s the word (for now!)



I’m over the moon to say that I’m not only in for one reading this month but two! I’m off to Wigwams Preschool in Ballysax, Kildare and Ballylinan National School, Laois this Friday 25th January and I can’t wait!

I am hoping to get a visit into Crumlin Children’s Hospital in February and thankfully have already booked in one reading for March in Milltown National School in Westmeath.

As always, get in touch if you’d like me to do a fun-filled, educational visit to a bunch of Little Explorers. 

CMRF Crumlin Children's Hospital
I will hopefully get to meet the lovely Sarah Joyce in CMRF again soon!

It’s really all go, go, go… And I’m loving it!

I’m also absolutely over the moon to announce we’ll be appearing at both Laya Healthcare City Spectacular‘s in Dublin and Cork this year and also at The Happy Pear Playstival in the gorgeous Airfield Estate Dundrum!

I’ll hopefully have a couple of more amazing announcements coming in the next few weeks too and as always, I couldn’t do it without your support so a massive, million thank you, thank you, thank you’s!


Until next week, sin é.

Be good!


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