Johnny Magory and the Irish Legends

Johnny Magory, his sister Lily-May and their trusty dog Ruairi are about to go on holiday and explore Irish legends. And…

You can go with them!

Three lucky children will be illustrated by the amazing Kim Shaw into the pinnacle page of the new Johnny Magory book, due October 2020.

We are so excited!!

Johnny Magory Volkwagen Campervan Tizzy


Irish Legends

Here at Johnny Magory, we’re all about educating kids on Irish heritage and wildlife, in a fun way. Ireland is steeped with myths and legends. Learning about them is so much fun, and we’re making it even better with our latest book.

Johnny Magory and the Irish Legends

Coming soon – Johnny Magory and the Irish Legends

I’ll Tell You A Story About…

Johnny, Lily-May, Ruairi, and of course, Mammy and Daddy, go on a trip around our beautiful emerald isle in Tizzy, their old Volkswagen campervan. Before beginning their journey they meet an old man Finegas who’s fishing for “The Salmon of Knowledge”. He tells Johnny and Lily-May of an important mission; they need to make sure Irish legends have their stories heard.

If they complete the mission, there’s a huge reward waiting for them at their last stop on the Hill of Tara.

finegas salmon of knowledge Johnny Magory

How You Can Enter

Download the template here to enter.

Johnny Magory Irish Legends Competition

To enter the competition, children (or their parents!) have to write a short story and draw a picture of an adventure they could have with their favourite Irish legend.

We want to encourage using those amazing imaginations!

Email your completed story to or simply take a photo and tag us on social media.

We will hold a weekly raffle drawing one entry each week live on our Instagram page @JohnnyMagoryWorld.

You only need to enter once, we’ll carry over entries weekly.

The first raffle will be held on Monday 17th August, the second on Monday 24th August and the final on Monday 31st August.

The winning children will have their names and photographs printed inside the book. Definitely one to treasure forever.

Queen Medh Johnny Magory

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