Johnny Magory’s guide to the Best Kids Outdoor Activities to do with your little explorers on your staycation in Ireland

This Summer is all about Making a Break for it and Johnny Magory is no different! Johnny, his little sister Lily-May and their dog Ruairí will be spending every waking hour outdoors exploring and they want you to join in on all the fun!

What are the best activities to get your kids outdoors?

Find out here …



On yer bike!

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” – John F. Kennedy.

Here at Johnny Magory HQ in Kildare we are very luck that there are so many amazing amenities where we live for safe cycling! Recently we cycled some of the Grand Canal Greenway from Hazelhatch, Celbridge to beyond the Cliff at Lyons, where we stopped in for some tea-and-nibbles-refueling! Cycling is the best way to see the beautiful sights of Ireland, all the while getting your heart pumping. Check out these 5 amazing kid-friendly cycle routes all around Ireland, guaranteed to make amazing memories for life. So what are you waiting for? Pump your tires, fill a picnic, put on your helmet and let’s go!

We’re planning a trip to the Kilcock Greenway soon with our bicycles and boy can we we wait! (sambos and tae flask onboard in the basket of my bike obviously 🧺!)


Swimming Time!

Only recently myself and my Little Miss spent THE loveliest sunrise at the Vico Baths, Killiney, Dublin. This area, like the nearby forty foot, have been famous swimming spots for hundreds of years. Very proud of Miss Lil for braving the cold and taking a dip with us. The old Eire sign saved from World War 2 is just lovely and with views of a Mortello Tower and the Obelisk (The Witches Hat) on Killiney Hill, what more could you ask for on a Sunday morning.

Swimming in the sea and lakes has so many amazing health benefits. Not only is it brilliant for your skin and immune system, it is also proven to help with your mental health and well being as well as aiding respiratory issues! We think it’s just straight out awesome and can’t wait to do more of it this summer, even if it can be BALTIC! This is definitely our favourite kids outdoor activites!

Remember to be safe around water this summer and checkout Irish Water Safety’s website for tips on staying safe in lakes, sea and pools.



Walking, walking, walking…

We took to the Kilcock Greenway for the first time recently … Mad considering it’s only a stones throw from us! We’ve been obsessing over the late, great Dick Warner’s DVD’s and books again during lockdown so we were thrilled to explore in his footsteps today. And how lucky are we to have this on our doorstep?

According to Waterways Ireland website, the Greenway trails are located on and along the 144km of canal and canal towpath from Dublin to Longford.  Once complete,  Royal Canal will be the longest off road walking and cycling Greenway trail on the island of Ireland.

It was lovely. Herself enjoyed doing “skids” i.e dragging the toes clean off her shoes; whilst we enjoyed the peace and quiet and super friendly locals.


Crab Fishing!

Kids Outdoor Activities

Crab fishing off Cahore harbour, Co. Wexford; quite simply one of my favourite things to do with (or without!!) the kids!
I love it, we’ve been crab fishing since we could walk on our annual holidays to the mobile home in Wexford, it is, and was, by far one of my favorite kids outdoor activities to do as a child.

It’s so simple and practically free to do. Simply get a stick; wrap some twine around it then get a old net or the little sacks that you put washing powder in; put a stone in it along with a piece of rasher or even a barnacle and your away! The fun is in hoping the crab holds onto it long enough for you to get him to land and into a bucket or basin of sea water.

And the fun doesn’t end there! Racing them down the slipway back into the water is the icing on the cake! Word to the wise; the little guys always win!

The kids will love looking at these amazing creatures from under the sea.


Make some Wild Art, get creative!

Kids Outdoor Acitivites



Making “Wild Art” is a fantastic way of encouraging children to get their hands dirty and connect with nature this Summer and all year round (and it’s loads of fun too!) The best thing is you don’t have to travel far, it’s one of the best kids outdoor activities to do just from your back garden.

Rooting around and gathering up stones, pebbles, sticks, feathers, sea shells, pinecones, moss, leaves (whatever really!) is great fun and will encourage a sense of adventure and exploring in them.
Creating patterns and shapes is fantastic for their imagination and logical thinking skills.

Taking it one step further and painting rocks and using items such as bowls will really stir the senses and leave you with a beautiful work of art to admire.



There you have it, Johnny Magory’s Top 5 Kids outdoor activities to get your little explorers outdoors this summer! It’s been a strange couple of month but let’s make the most of the good weather and the amazing things Ireland has to offer, we can’t wait to make a break for it!

Don’t forget to bring Johnny, Lil-May and Ruairí with you on your adventures around Ireland! They don’t want to miss out on the fun! Check out their adventure stories amazing books to inspire your little explorers here!


Lots of Love,


EJ and the team X