Acknowledgement and recognition are two major themes in my day-to-day work as a HR professional. Words that familiar to all.

I spend my days promoting the importance of these two words to managers and peers. Shouting about the benefits they can easily obtain from simply acknowledging and recognising good work and behaviours.


Well last week I was blown away by ‘The Adventures of Johnny Magory’ being acknowledged and recognised by the CAP Awards. The books were shortlisted in the ‘Best Junior Book’ category!

Blown away by simply seeing some words typed in an email and appearing on a website. Blown away that those words were typed beside some other words that I would have never even dreamed they would be typed beside…


Judge: Benji Bennett

Blown away by the fact that Benji Bennett has read my books and liked them.

Acknowledgement and recognition aren’t just two words. They are two amazing words and can inspire and fulfill beyond the bounds of most other words.


With each book, I’ve put a lot of thought into my dedication and who I’m going to acknowledge and recognise for helping me get it out there.

With the first book (Johnny Magory and the Magical Wild), who else could I thank but my dear ‘Mammy and Daddy’. They had (in my eyes) invented the bolde Johnny Magory when I was little and instilled him as a key character of my childhood.



With the second book (Johnny Magory and the Game of Rounders), I went with my sisters and brother. They, after-all, lived and breathed Johnny Magory too when they were small and contributed to his wild adventures from the mouths of our parents. The ‘secret weapon’ piece for Sarah I’ll explain another time.



With the third book (Johnny Magory and the Wild Water Race) my children ‘finally‘ got a mention! They had automatically assumed I’d dedicate the first one to them… You can imagine their disappointment when they opened the second one for the first time! But I suppose I purposely wanted to acknowledge and recognise the past before the present and future.



These dedications are just simply words on a page but they mean so so much to specific people. So do some good today. Give some acknowledgement and recognition to somebody who deserves it. You mightn’t noticably ‘blow them away’ but guaranteed they’ll be beaming inside.


Note to self: Must acknowledge and recognise husband with some words soon! 

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