Talking animals

This blog I’m talking animals, just like in my children’s books; there’s talking animals everywhere! In each of the books the animals are all the stars of the show. It’s an effort to educate children’s about our amazing wildlife here in Ireland but it’s also super fun dreaming up these characters! Click here to download …

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Go Explore

Adventure is out there! Go explore!

Spring has finally sprung on this magnificent island of ours meaning it’s well and truly time to get out and explore if you haven’t already! We’ve been battling the elements since January 1st and here’s a round up of our adventures which will hopefully inspire you.

So you want to write a kid’s book?

Want to know how to write a children’s book? So your tucking in your little mushroom to bed and your beside the bookshelf choosing a book for them before they even get to ask (nothing like routine!). Your reading along practising your best array of animated voices and impressions and it strikes you… This stuff …

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Johnny McGory

Reflection, Yes, Maybe…

Reflection. It’s good to take time and reflect. Reflect on changes that have occurred, reflect on successes, reflect on possible missed opportunities, reflect on life in general.

3 is the Magic Number!

Three is the magic number… Good things come in threes… Third time’s a charm… Trilogies… To quote the song: ” The past, the present, the future… Three is the magic number!”

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